Advisory Committee Meeting 06-29-11

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Meeting Notes


  • Mosco,Dominick
  • Delfs,Liz
  • Schwarzer,Pascal
  • Narup,Tripp
  • Ashmore,Jean
  • Kelmer,Susan
  • Sommars,Billie
  • Stewart,Arlene
  • Goldweber,Paulette
  • Balassa,Julie
  • Stein,Eric
  • McCoyd,Ed
  • Stewart,Ron
  • Hamilton,Cyrus
  • Chattah,Nicole
  • Song,Angie
  • Senge,Jeffrey
  • Acker,Steve
  • Ober,Elaine
  • Kerscher,George
  • Kane Stanley
  • Bob Martinengo
  • Christopher Lee

Membership Pricing Changes

  • Membership Fee
    • Basic Membership is Free
  • New Services
    • Premium Membership $500/year
    • Accessible Textbook Finder (Beta)

Authorized Users

  • 970 Verified Members (6 Alternate Media Centers)
  • Members
    • FY10 - 847
    • FY 11 - 552
    • FY 12 - 970 (YTD)


  • Fulfillment
    • 88% of Publisher File Requests are fulfilled with a file from the publisher.
  • Timeliness
    • 62% of Fulfilled File Requests were completed in 3 days or less
    • 28% were completed in 4 to 10 days
    • 10% took more than 10 days
  • File Formats Requested
    • PDF 35,200
    • DOC 7,374
    • RTF 548
    • TXT 389
    • XML 138
  • Requested Format vs Format Delivered
    • 99% of PDF requests were filled with PDF
    • 60% of DOC requests were filled with DOC (publishers substituted PDF for the remaining 40%.)
    • 12% of RTF requests were filled with RTF
    • 9% of TXT requests were filled with TXT
    • 0% of XML requests were filled with XML
  • Question: Should we add DAISY and EPUB as formats that can be requested? - See Action Items
  • Question from Jim Fruchterman: are requests denied for reasons other than lack of the required rights?
    • Answer: A small percentage of file requests are denied because the publisher cant locate a file. This is usually older books or books that were acquired in a merger

ATN Update - Publishers

  • New ATN Publishers
    • Jones & Bartlett, FA Davis, Lynne Rienner, Springer Publishers
  • Publisher File Hosting Service
    • 3,136 Publisher Files Stored

ATN Update - Expanded Formats

  • Dolphin Collaboration
    • File Conversion
    • DAISY Reader
    • Training
  • Collaboration was just launched. Staff will provide an update at the next meeting

Member File Exchange

Accessible Textbook Finder (beta)

  • Question: Source Suggestions? - See Action items
  • Question from Jim Fruchterman: ISBNs are not appearing in title search results for Bookshare. Is this an issue with the API?
    • Answer: according to our IT staff it appears the Bookshare API does not return ISBNs for title searches at this time.

AAP Critical Issues Task Force

  • Ed McCoyd reported on AAP Higher Ed Accessible Technology Working Group
    • Formed by the CITF.
    • Indentified 4 key areas of barriers of providing accessible products:
  1. Preservation of tagging for accessibility reading order etc. Tagging is lost when exporting into pdf working with adobe’s AT team.
  2. Achieving consistency of importation of MathML
  3. Ensuring that Braille transcription software will handle NIMAS NIMAC and MATH ML
  4. Group will be providing consultation for www community
  • Authorised User Agreement
    • Publishers are reviewing. Nothing definite at this time.

Post-Secondary Commission

"The Advisory Commission on Accessible Instructional Materials in Postsecondary Education for Students with Disabilities will study the current state of accessible materials for students with disabilities in postsecondary education and make recommendations to the U.S. Congress for improving access to and the distribution of instructional materials in accessible formats."

  • George Kerscher reported that some draft materials will be available for review before the AHEAD conference.

STEPP - Student Erent Pilot Project

"STEPP is an eTextbook rental program offering cost-effective textbooks that "all" students can read. "

  • This item will be reported on at the next meeting.

AHEAD 2011

  • July 11-16, Seattle, Washington
    • AIM Commission Meeting July 11-12
    • AccessText Exhibiting July 13-14
    • AccessText Presentation July 14, 4:30pm

Next Advisory Committee Meeting

  • November 10, 2011, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Eastern

Action Items

  • Provide More Detailed Request Statistics
 We have added more detailed statistics to the meeting notes (above). Advisory Committee members and guests are welcome to request information at any time. 
  • Address ATN Follow-up on Denied and Overdue Requests
 ATN staff regularly communicates with member publishers to address these issues, which may not always be apparent to schools.
 We will review ways of making communications more transparent and ensuring that all requests are being processed in a timely manner.
  • Review File Formats Requested Through ATN
 ATN staff will survey member publishers regarding this issue. Possible additions are DAISY, EPUB, and HTML.
 We are also considering a survey for schools to determine their preferences.
  • Review Possible Production Manual for Alternate Text
 ATN staff will review the available materials and potential strategies for improving the availability of materials.
  • Review Suggestions for Accessible Textbook Finder (ATF)
 The primary focus of the ATF is to enable searchers to locate specific books in accessible formats.
 We will review suggestions to widen the scope of the search as the beta progresses and feedback is received.
 Sources must have an API that allows searching.
 Suggestions from Ron Stewart:
 * Project Guttenberg:
 * Connexions:
 * Flat World Knowledge:  (Bookshare may have all the titles)
 * OER Commons: