Advisory Meeting 5 08 13

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AccessText Advisory Meeting 5/8/13

Membership Fee

  • Basic membership will continue to be free for colleges for FY14.
  • Access to the Exchange will be $250 for 12 months, starting July 1.
  • Schools may contribute 25 files in lieu of a fee to gain access to the Exchange.

Cost Savings

  • Consensus seems to be primary benefit of ATN is that it saves time.
  • DSS are able to make requests quickly, which translates to more time for student services.
  • Comments that ATN represents interface between DSS and publishers, which is viewed as a positive development.


  • Schools can now request EPub format.
  • 66 requests for Epub to date.

Document Accessibility Profile (DAP)

ATN 2.0

  • ATN 2.0 moves us away from QuickBase to an open-source platform.
  • Launch should be in June.

AHEAD Conference

  • ATN will exhibit at conference in Baltimore in July.