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ATN Title Record meta-data requirements with ONIX equivalences

Title Record Field Description Example ONIX Code Reference
Reference # The number used by the publisher to uniquely and permanently identify the title. This number is the mandatory product record reference or a001 tag value used in either a full or incremental ONIX feed. <RecordReference> or <a001>
Notification Type This is not an actual field in the ATN Title Record, but is used to indicate if this is a new title, an update to a title, or a deletion of a title. 01: New Record; 04: Update Record; 05: Delete Record <NotificationType> or <a002>
ISBN13 The standard 13 digit ISBN without dashes. 9780321358370, 9780471916888 <ProductIdentifier> composite <ProductIDType> or <b221> with value 03 and <IDValue> or <b224> would contain EAN-13
ISBN10 The standard 10 digit ISBN without dashes. 0471152099, 1568028466 <ProductIdentifier> composite <ProductIDType> or <b221> with value 02 and <IDValue> or <b224> would contain ISBN10
Title The entire title of the book including leading article and sub-title, but not including the edition number. Titles should use the same spelling as on the cover of the book itself "America, A Concise History, Volume 2: Since 1865", "The Norton Anthology of World Literature Package 1: (Volumes A, B, C): Beginnings to 1650" <Title> composite <TitleType> or <b202> with value 01 and <TitleText> or <b203> would contain distinctive title
Author The authors and/or editors names, either last name only or the complete names. "Tortora, Gerard J.; Funke, Berdell R.; Case, Christine L.", "Tortora, Funke, Case" <Contributor> composite where <SequenceNumber> or <b034> would contain order and <PersonNameInverted> or <b037> would contain author with last name first
Edition The edition number as a whole number. If this field is empty it will be assumed this is the first (1) edition 1,2,3,... <EditionNumber> or <b057>
Copyright The original copyright year, as 4 digits only 1986, 1994, 2003, 2009... <CopyrightYear> or <b087>
Publication Date The original publication date as month (2 digits) "/" year (4 digits). This field is useful when giving advance notice of a books publication (see 'Notification Type' field), as it can indicate that an electronic file may not be available until after the publication date 02/2008, 08/2008, 11/2010... <PublicationDate> or <b003>
Related Title(s) The purpose of this field is to provide information about other titles that are related to this title. This information can be helpful when a publisher would like direct the person making a request for an electronic file to another title. An example is when a publisher would like the individual items in a bundle to be requested separately. The record would be marked 'file unavailable', and the related titles fields would contain the ISBNs of the items contained in the bundle. <RelatedProducts> composite containing <ReplacedByEAN13> or <h131>
Imprint The imprint the publisher uses for this title. Some textbook publishers do not use imprints, using their own name as the brand. Prentice Hall, Addison-Wesley (imprints of Pearson), Course Technology, Delmar (imprints of Cengage) <Imprint> composite <NameCodeType> or <b241> with value 02 and <b079> would contain imprint
Fields with no ONIX equivalent
Publisher The ATN code assigned to each member publisher Pearson: 1; Wiley: 2; Bedford, Freeman & Worth: 3; Cengage: 4; CQ Press: 5; McGraw-Hill: 6; Elsevier: 7; W.W. Norton: 8
Publisher File Unavailable Indicates if the publisher does not have a file to fulfill requests for this title. Can also be used when the title refers to a bundle of titles that should be requested separately. YES/NO (Yes means the publisher does not have a file available)
Commercially Available Indicates that the publisher sells an electronic version of the title in an accessible format. YES/NO (YES means the publisher does have a commercially available version of this title in an accessible format)
Available Formats A comma-separated list of file formats available for the publisher file. Accepted formats are DOC, PDF, RTF, TXT, XML "PDF", "PDF,DOC"
Proposed Title Record fields
Routing Code An identifier for routing requests within the same publisher, needed when a publisher splits responsibility for processing requests for titles between divisions. These codes may or may not be aligned with imprints and would need to be confirmed with ATN staff to ensure proper routing of requests. "01, 02, 03", "OP1, PTR, CTL"
Custom Version Indicates if this title is a custom version. Custom versions may be related to standard editions, such as when an instructor can choose a subset of components from a standard edition. Ideally, if the title is a custom version, information about the standard version would be included in the Related Titles field.
Bundle Indicates if this title is comprised of a bundle of other titles. Ideally, information about the components of a bundle would be included in the Related Titles field.