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Publisher Accessibility Focus Group

Hosted by the AccessText Network

June 10, 2010, 12:30 to 4:30pm Eastern Time


Presentation - PowerPoint

Presentation - DOC


Effective Practices for Description of Science Content within Digital Talking Books

Towards Accessible e-Book Platforms

Publisher Accessibility Newsletter #9

College Students Prefer Print Over Digital Textbooks

The E-Book Sector

Darden Shares Results of Kindle Experiment

Digital divide changing but not for students torn by it

Publisher Lookup Awards 2010


Part One

  • Student Voices
  • Focus Group Objectives – Christopher Lee
  • AccessText Progress Report – Kane Stanley
  • AAP/CITF Overview – Ed McCoyd
  • NIMAS Publisher Experience – Larry Marotta
  • Background on Publisher Relations with College DSS – Bob Martinengo

Part Two

  • Disabled Student Services Perspective – Susan Kelmer
  • Alternate Media Vendor Perspective – Dan Himes
  • Technical Issues and Challenges – Karen McCall
  • Accessibility Advocacy – Joe Mielczarek

Part Three

Discussion Topics

  • Updating the Problem Statement and Coordinating with Other Stakeholders
  • Proposal to Gather Consumer Data


  • Joe Mielczarek
  • Karen McCall, Karlen Communications
  • Dan Himes, DHH Solutions
  • Susan Kelmer, St Louis Community College (ATN Advisory Committee)
  • Nathaniel Goldman, Oglethorpe University
  • LaKeisha Holmes, Georgia State University
  • Bonnie Beacher, McGraw-Hill
  • Larry Marotta, McGraw-Hill
  • Suzanne Taylor, Pearson
  • Liz Delfs, Pearson
  • Ann Berlin, Wiley
  • Frank Grazioli, Wiley
  • Juanita Thompson, Wiley
  • Ed McCoyd, AAP
  • Rick Bowes