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Proposed Modifications in the AccessText Network’s Secure Portal to Support Pearson’s Initiatives:

  • Born-Accessible EPUBs on VitalSource
  • Workflow with Kurzweil
  • Workflow with T-Base

The AccessText Network (ATN) is happy to modify its platform in order to best support Pearson and other publishers as they transition to born-accessible products.

Please take a moment to read the paragraphs of text (with a light gray background) in the below image. This is only one example of how you can communicate with Disability Services Offices on ATN. The text and its appearance can be changed. In the below example, I pretended as if the title is on VitalSource and has KESI and Braille available.

If we implemented something similar to the below, we would add more formats to the ‘Format Requested’ drop-down menu such as KESI and/or Braille and we would not allow that drop-down to pre-populate with any format thus requiring DSPs to click on the field and see what their options are.

Alternative Text for the Above Image:
This is a screenshot of a request record in ATN. It shows the book cover on the top left and the book metadata to the right of that. Next, It shows any text that the publisher would like to display. After which it shows the typical request record and drop-downs. Below is the suggested language included in the screenshot minus the hyperlinks:

A Born-Accessible EBook is Available for Purchase on VitalSource! This is a great product for many students especially ones using screen readers or needing simple text-to-speech functionality. Click here ( to view this title on VitalSource. Click here if you’d like to view all of Pearson’s accessible EBooks. Learn more about the features of these eTextbooks and how they align to WCAG 2.0 AA standards on our FAQ sites for campus accessibility professionals and for students. If you or your student have any questions about accessing the VitalSource Bookshelf, please contact VitalSource support or for general questions contact Pearson Disability Support at
Accessibility Metadata of the EPUB Available on VitalSource's BookShelf Reader includes: *metadata *metadata *metadata *metadata

Did the Student Already Buy an Inaccessible Book? If your student has already bought an inaccessible copy of this book, we'd be happy to provide your student with free access to the VitalSource EBook! Simply send your receipt to with the author, title, and ISBN of the book your student bought, along with a copy of their receipt, and we'll provide a code for your student to access the VitalSource eTextbook for free.

Need a KESI file? We can help! Simply place a request below for the format of kesi and in the notes field, please provide your Kurzweil username so that we can load the kesi files to your account for distribution to your student. Your request will be marked as fulfilled once the kesi files have been loaded to your Kurzweil account.

Need BRAILLE? Great news! This title has already been converted to braille and is available for immediate purchase at a significant discount due to Pearson's partnership with T-Base's braille department. Simply place a request for the format of 'braille' below and we will connect you to T-Base and the information you need in order to determine if you'd like to move forward with purchasing the braille from T-Base. ///////////// Jonathan, An alternative workflow option is to simply give them to connect them with T-Base for braille rather than placing a request in ATN. Whatever works best for Pearson!

Still need that pesky old inaccessible PDF? ;) If your student needs to use their book with an assistive technology other than a screen reader, please proceed with placing a request for a PDF below. In order for your request to be fulfilled, please provide information in the notes field below about why the above options do not work for your student so that we can continue to improve our offerings.