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   * Meeting Overview
   * Introductions
   * ATN Overview and Timeline
   * ATN Team Roles
   * ATN Phases
   * ATN Application Demonstration
   * Disability Service Providers ATN Web Resources
   * Other Business

Meeting Overview

   * This meeting is meant to provide an overview of the AccessText Network and the role of the Advisory Committee.
   * The meeting is being recorded and will be archived. The link URL will be included in the minutes posted on our ATN Wiki.
   * Please announce your name prior to making a statement.
   * Questions which are not covered during this meeting should be emailed to Joe Davis. They will be compiled, answered and forwarded to the group.
   * Presenters may be reading from the slides due to participant’s accommodation needs.
   * January 15th PowerPoint slides is in multiple formats for accessibility convenience.
   * January 15th PowerPoint, contact list and meeting minutes will be posted in the wiki.

DSS Potential ATN Advisory Committee Members

   * Angella Anderson, University of Illinois
   * Julie Balassa, Valencia Community College, Orlando, Florida
   * Ruthann Daniel-Harteis, CSUMB Student Disability Resources, Seaside, California.
   * Susan Kelmer, St. Louis Community College
   * Jim Marks, University of Montana / AHEAD President-Elect
   * Jeffrey C. Senge, California State University, Fullerton
   * Northeast regional DSS representation

Alternative-Advisory Committee Members

   * Donna Kachlic, The University of Texas at Tyler
   * Brian Brautigam, Riverside Community College, Riverside California

ATN Potential Publisher Representatives

   * Ann Berlin, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
   * Elizabeth Delfs, Pearson Education
   * Bonnie Beacher, McGraw-Hill Education
   * Greg Shepherd for Ken Brooks, Cengage Learning
   * Bruce Hildebrand, and Edward McCoyd, Esq., AAP

Potential Partners and Invited Guests

   * Mike Bastine, Alternative Text Production Center
   * Frederick Bowes, Bowes & Associates
   * Gaeir Dietrich, High Tech Center Training Unit, California Community College
   * Cyrus Hamilton, Cornell University
   * Steve Noble, Louisville, Kentucky
   * Ron Stewart, AHEAD and ATN Contractor
   * Mark Turner, CSU Office of the Chancellor

Other Members ATN Mission and Goals

   * The AccessText Network facilitates and supports the national delivery of alternative electronic textbooks to higher education institutions for students with documented disabilities.
   * The 2009 AccessText beta project is funded by donations from the Association of American Publishers and its members.
   * AccessText is a national initiative that will be directed and supported through its memberships, with the purpose of insuring that students with print-related disabilities have access to textbook content.
   * AccessText is a conduit between the publishing world and post-secondary disability programs.
   * Memberships include publishers and post-secondary disability programs.
   * Publisher members have allocated funds for a two year term.
   * A goal of AccessText is to become self-supporting through a membership model.

AccessText Lead Organizations:

   * The Publishers Development Board will work with AMAC to develop the AccessText permissions agreements, Website architecture, and other components.  Furthermore, members of the Development Board shall participate in tests of the file request and file transfer functions of the service during its development.
   * Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia/ Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC) will develop, implement, maintain, and manage the day to day operations of the AccessText Network (ATN) along with direction from the Development Board and Advisory Committee.

Charter Publishers

   * Bedford/St. Martin's
   * W.H. Freeman
   * Worth Publishers
   * Cengage Learning
   * CQ Press
   * McGraw-Hill Education
   * Pearson Education
   * Reed Elsevier Inc.
   * John Wiley & Sons
   * W.W. Norton

TimeLine Overview

   * 2006 -2008 Alternative Formats Solutions Initiative (AFSI) and AHEAD’s E-Text Solution Work.
   * November 19, 2008 agreement signed between The Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia/ Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC).
   * November 20, 2008 ATN Website ( and 1-866 technical support phone line went live.
   * December 3, 2009 ATN press release.
   * December 3rd to present over 317 institutions from 42 states have requested membership information.
         o Top states represented: New York, California, Washington, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee and Minnesota.
   * December 8, 2008 to present ATN has had six publisher site visits.
   * January 15, 2009 ATN Team Introductory meeting

Phase I: Target Date Spring 2009

   * ATN website and technical support line implemented.
   * ATN institutional membership verification process implemented.
   * Enhanced Look-Up Service beta application with reliable historic data on textbook titles, formats, and a fulfillment time frame implemented.

Phase II: Target Date Fall 2009

   * ATN application post-production rating scale and training implemented.
   * Selected DSS to DSS post-production file exchange implemented.
   * ATN website resources and social network expansion implemented.

ATN Advisory Committee Overview

   * 12 voting committee members which includes 7 DSS and 5 Publisher members
         o 2 alternate DSS advisory committee members will participate for full representation.
   * Two year term for DSS members starting March 1, 2009.
   * April 16, 2009 will be the 1st official ATN voting committee meeting.
   * Committee meeting will be held via Web/Conference call and/or in-person at national conferences.
   * Bylaws will be drafted and reviewed by committee members prior to the April 16, 2009 meeting.
   * Committee structure will be proposed and reviewed by members prior to April 16, 2009 meeting.

April Committee Topics

   * Draft Bylaws
         o Roles
   * Feedback on ATN DSS Institutional Membership Agreement
   * Feedback on ATN application
   * Feedback on ATN DSS website content
   * ATN future membership cost

Potential Partners and Invited Guest Roles

   * Provide guidance and direction in specific specialized topics to the committee. Examples include but not limited to:
         o Alternative media and assistive technology trends
         o Agency alliances
         o Collaborative projects
         o Supporting and training ATN members

Tentative Committee Dates

   * April, 16 2009 (2:00 -4:00 EST)
         o WebEx/Conference Call
   * July 20-25, 2009 (TBD)
         o AHEAD Conference and WebEx/Conference Call
   * October 15, 2009 (2:00 -4:00 EST)
         o WebEx/Conference Call
   * December 10, 2009 (2:00 – 4:00 EST)
         o WebEx/Conference Call

ATN Application Demonstration

   * Todd Runkle System Architect

ATN DSP Resource Development Our Target Audience

   * Disability Service Providers
   * Alternative Media Specialists
   * Educational IT Coordinators
   * Curriculum and Instruction Specialists
   * Publishers and Curriculum Developers

Our Tangential Audience

   * People with Print Related Disabilities
   * Technology Developers and Vendors
   * Faculty, Teachers and Educators
   * Educational Researchers
   * Public and Private Agencies
   * Parents and Advocates

Disability Services Providers

   * High Level of Professional Turnover
   * Low Level of Technology Knowledge
   * High Level of Technology Knowledge
   * Alt Media Early Adopters
   * Alt Media Neophytes
   * Technology Haves and Have Not's
   * Overburdened, Overwhelmed, Reactive

Meeting Divergent Needs

   * Learning activities that will be realistic activities and which will allow the user to interact with the content in pragmatic and authentic contexts. 
   * Provide users with multiple ways in which to interact with the information and the activities contained in the resources.
   * Provide interactivity between users through multimodal learning so that issues and challenges can be explored from multiple perspectives and orientations.

The Alt Media Toolkit

   * Sequential learning activities that allow users to structure their information acquisition to develop further learning activities, tools and resources to meet their unique needs and challenges.
   * A database driven resource of existing learning exemplars and examples of good practice which then can be adapted and repurposed.
   * A knowledge base that can be used for extracting good practices and identifying areas that require further development and refinement.

Targeted Learning Outcomes

   * The Knowledge Task - Alt Media Competence
         o What is Alt Media?
         o How is Alt Media used in Education?
         o Who uses Alt Media?
         o What skills are needed to produce Alt Media?
         o What tools are needed to produce Alt Media?
         o What skills are required to use Alt Media?
         o What tools are required to use Alt Media?

Foundational Topics

   * Introduction to Alt Media Accommodations
   * Administration and Management of Alt Media
   * Legal Perspectives
   * The Publishers Perspective
   * Source File Acquisition
   * Alternate Media Production
   * Accommodating Student Specific Needs
   * Special Issues

Recommended Additional Resources

   * Topical Webinars and Podcasts
   * Practitioner Centered User Guides
   * Student Centered User Guides
   * Targeted Webinars and Podcasts on Alt Media Production Technologies
   * User Created Blogs and Discussion Groups


   * Title: The AccessText Information Network: An Association of American Publishers Digital Text Portal
   * Speakers: TBD
   * Date: Saturday, March 21, 2009
   * Start Time: 9:20 AM
   * End Time: 10:20 AM
   * Location: Marriott - Dallas

Other Business

   * Announcements
   * Roundtable Evaluation of Meeting
   * Review of Actions from Meeting