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AccessText Advisory Committee Meeting

January 21, 2010 2:30PM- 4:00PM EST


  • Roll Call and Ground Rules (Christopher Lee)
  • July 9th Advisory Council Meeting, Recap & Action Items (Susan Roche)
  • Project Update (ATN Team)
    • Board Members Update (Christopher Lee)
    • Numbers and application changes (Bob Martinengo)
    • Publisher Expansion Update (Rick Bowes)
  • AAP Development Board Report (Ed McCoyd)
  • Expansion on Beta Application & Services (Todd Runkle/Christopher Lee)
  • Membership Cost March Survey (Christopher Lee)
  • Advisory Committee Member Announcements & Updates
  • Action Items Recap and Next Meeting (Susan Roche)

Recap & Action Items (Susan Roche)

Action Items:

1. Additional Application V 1.5 enhancement - Explore solutions for making Publisher FTP uploads easier. Make sure FTP links are single line, etc.

2. Mike Bastine to provide Bob with a list of publishers they have been interacting with over time – Bob will add this to the publishers which have been submitted from AC and Members.

3. Ed McCoyd to send Bob Publisher Look Up Information Update

4. March Membership Survey

5. Christopher Lee to send Julie and Cyrus the two Membership Agreement Changes agreed by AHEAD and ATN.

Meeting Notes

1. Roll CallChristopher Lee

  • ATN Staff: Christopher Lee, Bob Martinengo, Kane Stanley, Todd Runkle, Susan Roche
  • Committee Members and Guests: Jamie Montgomery, Julie Balassa, Susan Kelmer, Tripp Narup, Ron Stewart, Liz Delfs, Cyrus Hamilton, Brad Umbaugh, Mike Shuttic, Mike Bastine, Jeff (ATPC), Jessie Guitierrez, Ann Berlin, Bruce Hildebrand, Jeff Senge, Bonnie Beacher, Jamie Montgomery, Rick Bowes, Steve Noble, Mark Turner

2. Advisory Council Meeting July 9th Meeting Recap - Susan Roche

  • Advisory Committee (AC) to provide names of publishers they would like to see included in ATN in the future - Rick Bowes is working on publisher expansion, will solicit more publisher suggestions in March ATN Membership Survey.
  • ATN to consider providing AC with Title Research Request turnaround data - not currently a preset report, but can be determined by examining Support Call logs from opening to closing. Turnaround varies widely by publisher - as well as by Title.
  • ATN Application Enhancements
    • Customizable Notes field - In next release, ATN v1.5
    • Tracking trigger to alert ATN to response delays - In ATN v1.5
    • The ability for primary and secondary contacts to receive notification when file is available for download - will ask about interest in March Membership survey, as what is a benefit to some can be a detractor for others
  • ATN Advisory Committee to consider conveneing the following (All are to be convened after completing the beta phase, ATN version 1.5 & changes to ATN Publisher/Member agreements resulting from AHEAD feedback)
    • Sub-committee to evaluate publisher files and make general setting recommendations to make files easier to modify for accessibility
    • A group to discuss/develop a position paper regarding the publisher perrogative to pull a title when a commercial option is deemed to be accessible
    • A group to plan for collaborative training/access to training around publisher file post production to increase accessibility

Mark: If we wait until the end of the beta to do these things we are losing the opportunity for certain entities to make an informed purchasing decision

3. Project UpdateBob Martinengo (figures accurate as of Monday)

By the numbers

  • 834 members – 210 joined since last meeting (49 states)
  • 8174 requests processed – 5659 since last meeting
  • 82% PDF / DOC 17%
  • 94% of all requests are fulfilled
  • Average fulfillment – 4 days

Better results than expected - more order fulfilled and at a faster rate

Question: Any info on denials, specifically why? Generally, requests for older titles for which publisher files are not avaialble.

Question: What about scanning permissions? – Generally only if a rights/permissions issue – rights sold, rights reverted back to author etc. Very few denials other than that.

Tech Support Questions - Kane Stanley

  • Most common support inquiry? FTP issues, new users not using properly (training/practice issue), some users letting downloads expire. Haven’t had any problems could not resolve. Seems that is is easier to download from some publisher FTP sites than others. Some publishers/departments are doing things differently. Challenge – if FTP location link is more than one line, this can cause issues for users. We've worked with one publisher where the links were previously quite long, to reduce the size of the link, and this seems to have resolved the issue. Another publisher was sending out files with a .abc file extension which was confusing DSPs. Have changed this process - has eliminated those concerns.
  • At this time the only problems are really users trying to do something system doesn’t do.
  • If we provide tech assistance for any issue, we also send link to training video or documentation related to inquiry for as a reference for user.

4. AAP Development Board Report - Ed McCoyd

  • CSU Participation – Working with AAP and CSU to get language to a point where they feel comfortable signing an agreement, but with current language they would not have to wait for permission, could merely notify publishers of use. Have draft language and are in the process of getting it finalized. (Very close)
  • AHEAD – Call between AAP and AHEAD

It appears that AHEAD has two main concerns – all 8 publishers have agreed to make changes to address these two issues. Christopher Lee sent details of the agreement around these issues to Mike Shuttic, Iterim AHEAD President. Mike added that he believes some of the CSU issues/work arounds relate to AHEAD concerns, possibly solutions.

5. Publisher Expansion - Rick Bowes

  • FA Davis: Coming online with ATN - Fall 2010
  • Simon and Schuster: In progress – Agreements are passing back and forth
  • Random House: In progress – Agreements are passing back and forth
  • ATN Membership Survey – Which publishers matter most to you? Please respond so Rick can pursue.
  • Will be participating in the Professional Scholarly Publishing (PSP) Conference – February 2010 (PSP is another division of AAP) We’ve met with them, they are interested in getting ATN in front of their (much larger) division. 170 potential publishers to talk to at PSP Conference.
  • Association of American University Presses works collaboratively with PSP. We are pursuing them as well. We are going after highly desirable group of publishers for our customer base with a 1-2 punch. Target June 2010.
  • Question - Mike Bastine: Would it help if we gave you a list of the publishers we’ve been getting in contact with over time? Yes – Give to Bob

6. Expansion on Beta Application & Services - Todd Runkle

  • 1.4 went live January 10th – Release targeted at improving Authorized User experience. Improving Email templates
    • Different look for Book Titles
    • Publisher File Receipt
    • Optional Student Information fields for DSPs– not viewable to publisher
    • Titles to Be Researched – more info/need to put request in once a title is added to DB. Added a button to let Publishers add their own titles, change status to request, and indicate why an item was closed or how it was resolved.
    • Have created a Related Book Title feature
    • Todd demoed all of the changes indicated above.

  • Next Release V 1.5 (March Time Frame)
    • Targeted towards both Authorized Users and Publishers
    • AU - On Request Record – Will have some customizable fields under a special User Fields
    • Publishers – Have some titles for imprints that are not fulfilled by ATN associated entities (ie: fulfilled out of Canada). Publisher has been saying this Pub File is unavailable, but sends a custom note directing requestor to request from another contact, outside of the ATN application. Will build this functionality into next release of ATN.

Question: Are the help menus you showed us accessible? Yes, all help menus are accessible.

  • AAP/Publisher Look Up Service
  • Management of the service and the site has been handed to ATN.
  • Changes include:
    • Made alpha listing links related directly to first letter of Publisher and Imprint – not just an letter imprint for a A letter publisher
    • Publisher or ATN can now update info
    • Add last updated field to Publisher Info page.
    • Contact us page – to allow users to feed information to us.
    • Todd demoed the new website

DSS to DSS Exchange – Hosting Post Production Files

  • Still in design phase – unable to show
  • Under BookTitles – sub table of Media type files for this title (PDF/DOC/DAISY/Braille)
  • Exchange Request for that Media – publisher approval settings – route request to AMP to fulfill
  • Publishers will be able to see all of the Exchanges related to their titles
  • Users will only be able to see Exchange info related to their requests
  • AMPs will only be able to see Exchange info related to their available media
  • Hosting Option – if approved by publisher – one time upload for multiple download shares.
  • All has to be in place by summer.

Question - Julie: Will there be any type of responsibility to upload with relation to how many we download? Shared responsibility –Concerned: don’t want to be sending a lot out and not getting a lot back.

Other Service Enhancements

  • Federated Search (after beta ends)for post-production files.
    • Search similar to DSS to DSS Exhange - but not limited only to ATN publishers
    • User will be redirected outside of ATN to request/fulfill orders.
  • Atomic Learning
    • Online AT Training Resource
    • Exploring offering members access to Atomic Learning AT training and upload some of our custom trainings
    • Pretty good site, but not fully accessible to the level we would like.
    • Hi Tech Center is using - eager to hear from Geir about HTCTu experience with the product.

7. Membership Cost - Christopher Lee Annual Budget for ATN $440,700

Currently considering a Leveled Model of Membership:

Level 1 – Free

  • Publisher Look-Up Site and Technical Support
  • Federated Search

Level 2 - $375 - $500

  • ATN application data management and tracking/reporting system
  • Unlimited file requesting and technical assistance (1-800 number, wiki resources)
  • DSS to DSS File Exchange
  • ATN Exchange Hosting Feature
  • Atomic Learning training account

Level 3 – System-wide Membership Group Fee

  • 10-49 Institutions
  • 50-99 Institutions
  • 100 and/or Institutions

April Meeting – Hope to be ale to lock down services/fees for this meeting. Concern - Mark: Hope to have this information and all info about additional services settled in advance of summer so institutions can make an informed purchasing decision.

Advisory Committee Member Announcements & Up Dates

8. AC Meeting Schedule

  • Jan 21
  • April 21
  • July 14
  • October 21
    • All 2:30- 4:00

9. Other Comments/Questions? Julie: The Elephant in room is some (us) not able to use ATN because of AHEAD announcement. Hope we can resolve soon.

Response: AHEAD has provided very specific changes that they wish to see implemented Challenge – each time an issue/change is brought up we have to get sign off from all 8 publishers and their legal departments. Currently there are two main issues both AHEAD and ATN are working to resolve before this program goes out of beta, but it’s a painstaking process.

  • Christopher to send out the draft language for addressing these two issues to Julie and Cyrus, so they can show their administration where this is going and progress being made.

Project Update (Robert Martinengo/ Kane Stanley)

  • 834 Members total - 210 joined since last meeting
  • 8,174 Requests processed - 5,659 since last meeting
  • Formats delivered: PDF 82%, Word 17%
  • 94% of all requests are fulfilled
  • Average fulfillment time is 4 days

Technical support questions

  • Everything from updating account information to assisting with FTP issues and re-teaching AUs how to place Support Calls to publishers
  • The ATN FTP works well as long as AUs download within the 14 day limit, but the publisher-run FTPs are confusing to some DSPs
  • Some publishers are sending files with .abc extensions which confuses DSPs

Publisher Expansion Update (Rick Bowes)

  • New Publisher Members in Progress
    • F.A. Davis (Fall 2010)
    • Simon & Schuster (In progress)
    • Random House (In progress)
  • ATN March Membership Survey
  • Professional Scholarly Publishing (PSP) Conference, February 2010
  • Association of American University Presses, June 2010

AAP Development Board Report (Ed McCoyd)

  • California State University’s Participation in ATN
  • AHEAD Concerns and Recommendations on the Membership User Agreement

Expanding Application Services (Todd Runkle/ Christopher Lee)

  • Application V1.4 Upgrades & Demonstration
  • V1.5 Feature
  • AAP / Publisher Look-Up Services
  • DSS to DSS Exchange
  • Hosting Post-Production File
  • Federated Search
  • ATN Atomic Learning AT training account

Membership Cost March Survey (Christopher Lee)

  • Required Annual Budget $440,700
    • Level 1: Free
      • Publisher Look-Up Site and Technical Support
      • Federated Search
    • Level 2: $375-$500
      • ATN Application data management and tracking/reporting system
      • Unlimited file requesting and technical assistance (1-800 number wiki resources)
      • DSS to DSS file exchange feature
      • ATN exchange hosting feature
      • Atomic Learning training account
    • Level 3: System wide Membership Group Fee
      • 10-49 Institutions
      • 50-99 Institutions
      • 100 and/or > Institutions

Advisory Committee Member Announcements & Updates

Action Items Recap and Next Meeting (Susan Roche)

ATN 2010 Advisory Committee Meetings

  • January 21, 2010 (2:30PM– 4:00PM Eastern)
  • April 21, 2010 (2:30PM – 4:00PM Eastern)
  • July 14, 2010 (2:30PM – 4:00PM Eastern)
  • October 21, 2010 (2:30PM – 4:00PM Eastern)