Advisory Committee Meeting 04-09-14

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AccessText Advisory Meeting 4/9/2014

Activity Update

  • 80,000 requests in 2013
  • On track for ~100,000 requests this year
  • 11,790 stored files
    • Automated fulfillment accounts for significant reduction in average fulfillment time.

Publisher Update

  • Two publishers joined ATN since the last advisory meeting:
    • Dunedin Academic Press, based in Scotland
    • Ramsey Education Solutions - a consumer financial information company. They are only listing two titles on ATN.
  • Bob and Christpher Lee attended AAP General Meeting in New York, then presented to AAP Executive Committee.
    • Ed McCoyd noted that presentation was well-received.

DSS Update

  • ATIA webinar discount promotion
    • The Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) offered a 5% discount to ATN members signing up for webinars in March.
    • About a dozen members took advantage of the offer.
    • Bob would like to try this again in June when schools have to spend down budget.
    • ATIA webinar page:

Conference Update

  • AHEAD National Conference, July 14-19, Sacramento, California


  • In the past, ATN has communicated through General Newsletter, Publisher Newsletter, Bulletin Board, Webinars
    • Bob noted that all of these communication channels require constant upkeep and are not effective if content is not relevant to users.
    • ATN will partner with other agencies to provide useful information to members.


  • The AAP has established a new Twitter account and will tweet about ATN. You can find them at @HEPublishers.
  • The two highest-priority publishers to recruit for ATN are Wolters Kluwer and Oxford University Press.
  • Liz Delfs suggested a webinar based on Bob's CSUN presentation.
  • Bob suggested that ATN members are a good source for survey information.
    • George Kerscher said he may have a survey in mind.
    • Another survey topic is how accessible are OER (open educational resource) materials.