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AccessText Advisory Committee Meeting

April 21, 2010 2:30PM-4:00PM Eastern


  • Roll Call and Ground Rules (Christopher Lee)
  • Project update (ATN Team)
    • Progress Since January 21st Advisory Committee Meeting (Christopher Lee)
    • Activity Report & Publisher Update (Bob Martinengo)
    • Member Survey (Kane Stanley)
    • Membership Renewal Progress (Joe Davis)
  • AAP Development Board Report (Ed McCoyd and Ann Berlin)
  • Application V1.5 Upgrades (Todd Runkle)
    • File Exchange Process
  • Membership Fee (Christopher Lee)
    • California, Georgia, Ohio and Maryland
  • Committee Member Announcements
  • Action Items and Next Meeting


Project Update

Progress since January 21st Advisory Committee Meeting

  • DSS Membership Agreement Revisions
  • CSU CAM Agreement
  • One New Publisher added to the Network
  • ATN Hosting Post-Production Publisher Approval
  • Membership Phone Survey
  • V1.4 and V1.5 Completed (Application and On-lineTraining)

Activity Report & Publisher Update

  • 997 Members
    • 797 Post-Secondary Institutions
    • 6 Alternate Media Centers representing 200 Schools
  • 13,424 Requests Processed
    • 10,796 Fulfilled
    • 1,422 Approved
    • 712 Denied
    • 218 Cancelled
    • 130 Unavailable
  • Average Fulfillment Time is 4 days
  • F.A. Davis Company launched on March 15, 2010

Member Survey

  • Survey:
    • Staff contacted 308 non trained & inactive members.
    • Directed members to online training and offered support.
  • Results:
    • The main reasons that they did not complete training was lack of time, a low volume of student requests, or they just forgot. Many appreciated the reminder and completed the training.
    • 41 new members completed the orientation/training since march 1, accounting for a total of 239 requests. Many of these were on the call list.

Membership Renewal Process

  • Beta Members
    • Resubmit Revised Membership Applications prior to 07/01/2010
    • New Membership Application information confirmed or denied
    • Accepted Membership Profiles passed along to ATN finance for invoice billing
    • Finance will provided ATN Membership with list of received payments
    • ATN Finance will update ATN Membership on payments received

AAP Development Board Report

  • Revised DSS Agreement

Application Upgrades and Demonstration

  • V1.5
  • Enhancement features
  • DSS to DSS Hosting / Exchange
  • Process and Evaluation

FY11 Membership Fee

  • Posted by May 3, 2010 (Newsletter and Web-Site)
    • Advanced Registration Discount June 1 – June 30: $360.
    • Standard Membership Fee starting July 1st : $500.
    • Pro-Rated Membership Fees apply after August 1st.
    • Group Members (10 and greater) fee will be $360 per institution.

Advisory Committee Announcements & Updates

Action Item Re-Cap

Upcoming Committee Meetings

  • July 14, 2010 (Time TBD) at AHEAD Conference in Denver, Colorado
  • October 21, 2010 (2:30 – 4:00 Eastern)

Meeting Notes

Roll Call

Attendance: Julie Balassa, Susan Kelmer, Mike Shuttic, Ann Berlin, Ron Stewart, Liz Delfs, Ed McCoyd, Bonnie Beacher, Rick Bowes, Bruce Hildebrand, Jeff Senge, Cyrus Hamilton, Steve Noble, Mike Bastine, Jeff Baugher, Jamie Montgomery

Staff: Todd, Christopher, Kane, Bob, Joe

Project Update

  • One reason for a publisher’s denial is that, Ann “sometimes copyright is not owned by the publisher anymore”
  • Ann – Would like to hear phone feedback from AU’s. ATN will continue to reach out to users over the phone.

AAP Development Board Report

  • Ed: Received a set of comments from AHEAD in October on AU Agreement.
  • Mike, Ron Jo Ann Simon (Lawyer) prompted making changes to AU agreement.
  • A revised version prompted additional comments from AHEAD.
  • Reviewed comments and agreed to additional changes, some they left as is with explanations.
  • An outside firm will be revising it and providing it by May 1st.
  • Julie asked for more explanation.
  • Previous Agreement: Recap
  • Changes: Publishers agreed not to limit the subject of a request to only those materials required for the course. Added recommended materials as well.
  • Audit provision. Amendment to make it clear that neither medical records nor any other information about the student’s qualifying disability could be subject to disclosure in an audit.
  • AHEAD sent further comments on the first revision in January.
  • This resulted in a second set of revisions agreed to by the publishers.
  • ATN has the right to terminate agreement, but rather than ATN being able to audit, the school can offer records at their discretion as proof of compliance with the agreement if they choose.
  • AHEAD was OK with that.
  • What kind of proof is required?
  • Ed- Publishers not certain what that information would be, so left to the college’s determination as to what to disclose in a given circumstance.
  • No change of the wording “Alternative Text” to “Alternative Instructional Material”, since the scope of materials publishers can list in ATN, as well as the current definition of Alternative Text in the agreement, are broad.
  • Permission to Redistribute, or File Sharing between campuses, can be authorized by a publisher.
  • Publishers were asked to drop the option for manual (in addition to automated) Permission to Redistribute files or reproduce them for additional students; Publishers declined to make this change, for reasons including the smooth functioning of the existing permissions system in the beta, the need to maximize publisher participation, and the benefit of publisher access to usage data in consideration of potential future market models to serve students’ access needs.
  • Pubs need to know statistics on usage of these books.
  • Volume of usage and which end format the students are using are useful to the pubs for product development.

Application Upgrades and Demonstration

  • 1.5 Go live by May 15th (agreement in Hand)
    • Available title formats are:
    • PDF, Doc, DAISY, Braille (Electronic or Embossed).
    • ATN Staff will review titles and create media records.
  • Ron “ Did I hear you say that you are going to validate files to exchange? “
  • ATN will create the media records.
  • We will evaluate the files as we create the media records.
  • Ron- “I am assuming then that for end user you will provide the criteria that you will be looking for?”
  • We are only authorizing a select few AMPs initially and we will be evaluating the criteria.
  • ATN will provide the criteria that we are using to evaluate exchange files.
  • Julie , under what conditions would a publisher not allow a file for exchange.
  • Liz, - “I’ve not yet come across a situation where I would make that judgment, but I want to reserve that right. For example, a high profile Author may have restrictions in our agreement in order to protect our rights”.
  • Embossed Braille, how with that interact with the Louis DATABASE agreements already in place for requesting Braille?
  • We haven’t addressed that. CL
  • Rick: Why can you see a file, but not request it?
  • This is because the publisher is not live or they have not authorized files for exchange. Bonnie & Rick, Liz Ann. Set up a meeting on the Exchange with Todd & Christopher

Membership Fee

  • Julie, One thing that jumps out is that the advanced registration comes at the tail end of the fiscal year. If we wait until the end of the year we don’t have the budget to get to take advantage of the discount.
  • This was resolved. Members will have 30 days to pay after registering.
  • Mike: Chancellor’s office is leaning towards volume of request for pricing. There will be a Meeting on Friday with CL about that. 3:30 EDT.
  • Issue to address: institutions with Multiple Campuses
  • How would you view institutions that consider themselves a system and how do you define them?
  • CL it’s easy if they have a board of Regent’s but that is not the only way.
  • Ron: It’s highly variable I don’t think that you will see any standardization on that for several years. Our numbers will remain vary skewed.

Action items

  • Exchange
    • We will set up a meeting on the Exchange with Bonnie, Rick, Liz & Ann
  • Survey
    • We will reach out to active members by phone
  • Agreement
    • AAP will try to get AU Agreement to ATN by May 1