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Thursday, April 16, 2009, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm EST

  • Meeting Facilitator: Christopher Lee
  • Minutes & Action Items: Susan Roche
  • Role Call
  • Meeting Ground Rules
  • Minutes from Previous Meeting Approval (not applicable)
  • Development Board (Ann Berlin) Introductions
  • Project Review
* Benchmarks and Timeline (Christopher Lee) 	Up-Date
* Publisher Membership Agreement (Ed McCoyd) 	Up-Date
* DSS Membership Agreement (Tamara Rorie) 	May Conference Call
* Application (Todd Runkle) 	Up-Date
* Training and Resources (Joe Tedesco) 	Discussion
* CSUN Feedback (Jeff Senge) 	Up-Date
  • Annual Dues Survey Discussion (Committee and Guests) Discussion
  • Collaboration Meetings (Christopher Lee) Up-Date
  • AccessText Wiki (Bob Martinengo) Up-Date
  • Knowledge Base: Questions & Answers (Bob Martinengo) Discussion
  • Announcements (Committee and Guests) Discussion
  • Roundtable Evaluation of Meetings (Committee and Guests) Discussion
  • Review of Future Meetings (Christopher Lee) Up-Date
  • Presentation


         o Role Call
         o Development Board Introduction
         o Project Review
         o CSUN Feedback
         o Annual Dues Survey Results & Discussion
         o Partners and Collaboration Meetings
         o AccessText Wiki
         o Knowledge Base: Question & Answers
         o Committee & Guest s Announcements
         o Recap Meeting Action Items
         o Adjourn
   * AAP Development Board
         o Chair, Ann Berlin
         o Bonnie Beacher, McGraw-Hill
         o Brenda Carter, CQ Press
         o Elizabeth Delfs, Pearson Education
         o Paulette Goldweber, John Wiley & Sons
         o Tripp Narup, Elsevier
         o Elaine Ober, Pearson Education
         o Jerry Orvedahl, CQ Press
         o Leslie Padgett, Macmillan
         o Greg Shepherd, Cengage Learning


   * Phase 1: May 1, 2009
         o Publisher and Institution agreements
         o Application Development
         o Advisory Committee and Development Board
         o Outreach (Web-site, toll-free, marketing and training)
   * Phase 2: July 31, 2009
         o Application Implementation
         o Application Expansion Development
         o File Exchange Policies and Procedures
   * Phase 3: December 15, 2009
         o Institution to Institution Exchange Implementation
         o Membership Revenue Plan
         o Reporting and Program Evaluation
         o Publisher and DSS Office Step by Step Process
   * Publisher Membership Agreements, Ed McCoyd
   * DSS Membership Agreements, Christopher Lee
         o Feedback conference call meeting with DSS Advisory Committee in May, 2009.

Application Development, Todd Runkle

Training and Resources, Joe Tedesco

         o Web Portal
         o Wiki Network
         o Hardcopy Materials
         o Web Seminars and Trainings
         o Conferences and Exhibits
         o List Services and Blogs
         o Advisory Committee, Development Board and Expert Guests

Annual Dues Survey Discussion, Joe Davis

         o Advisory Survey Feedback: $350-$499: 55%, $500-$749: 45% [updated from slide]
         o AccessText E-Newsletter Survey Feedback

Collaboration Meetings & Concept Papers, Christophe Lee

         o CSU Center for Accessible Media
         o The High Tech Center Training Unit of the California Community Colleges
         o Alternate Text Production Center of the California Community Colleges
         o Association on Higher Education And Disability
         o Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic
         o Dolphin

Committee Updates

  • CSUN Presentation Feedback, Jeff Senge
  • Knowledge Base: Question & Answers and Wiki access, Bob Martinengo
  • Committee Announcements
  • Roundtable Evaluation of Meeting
  • Review of Future Meetings
         o DSS Membership Agreement- May, 2009
         o Application Advisory Council Training and Roll Out meeting – June, 2009
         o AHEAD Conference – July 20/25, 2009
         o October 15, 2009 (2:00 -3:30 pm EST)
         o December 10, 2009 (2:00 – 3:30 pm EST)


AccessText Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes 04/16/2009

Meeting Ground Rules Christopher Lee reviewed the meeting ground rules.

Each Agenda Topic:

   * Introduction
   * Presentation/Discussion
   * Question & Answer Period

Minutes from Previous Meetings None to be reviewed/approved.

Development Board – Ann Berlin Introduced the Board and provided an overview of their activities and accomplishments to date.

Project Review / Benchmarks and Timeline – Christopher Lee

Project Update:

  1. The application has been developed in accordance with the original design specification document.
  2. Most of the publishers (7 of 8) have attended beta launch core training and are testing the system and providing feedback.
  3. The Publisher Agreements are being reviewed by the Charter Member Publishers. Significant changes to the application are being requested. This puts the application finalization, training and development and application testing on hold, pending further changes.
  4. A draft Institutional Agreement was issued for review, but it will require significant changes based on the Publisher Agreement feedback to date.

Project Benchmarks:

   * Phase 1: May 1, 2009
         o Publisher and Institution agreements
         o Application Development
         o Advisory Committee and Development Board
         o Outreach (Web-site, toll-free, marketing and training)
   * Phase 2: July 31, 2009
         o Application Implementation
         o Application Expansion Development
         o File Exchange Policies and Procedures
   * Phase 3: December 15, 2009
         o Institution to Institution Exchange Implementation
         o Membership Revenue Plan
         o Reporting and Program Evaluation
         o Publisher and DSS Office Step by Step Process

Publisher Membership Agreement – Ed McCoyd Ed was not available to lead the session. Christopher reiterated his earlier statements about the Publisher Agreement currently being under review by the Charter Publishers

DSS Membership Agreement – Tamara Rorie Tamara indicated that a draft version of the Institutional Agreement, mirroring the most recently proposed Publisher Agreement, has been drafted and issued to the Charter Publishers. However, based on the changes to the Publisher Agreement, currently being proposed, the Institutional Agreement will need to be modified again before it can be sent for final approval. The Institutional Agreement is on hold until the Publisher Agreement is finalized.

Application – Todd Runkle The application has been completed in agreement with the initial application design document. Application testing feedback and on-going Publisher Agreement negotiations are likely to have a significant impact on the final application design. Application finalization is on-hold awaiting the final Publisher Agreement. Publishers considering integration via the application APIs have been advised to put their efforts on hold given the likelihood of significant application changes.

Annual Dues Survey – Committee and Guests The Advisory Committee reactions to the annual dues survey were presented as follows:

   * $350-$499 55%
   * $500-$749 45%

The results of our on line survey sent to the entire AccessText Mailing list were presented. Results showed that more than 80% of respondents selected teh $350-$499 range.

Christopher then opened the floor for comments.

1. Question/Comment: I still need to be convinced, as does my director that this is worth the $300 investment. We’re going to pay someone for something that we already do and do well? ATN Perspective: We are thinking that you will see/consider the benefits of using the application to order and track orders. Not only in being able to go to one place, and increased efficiencies – but also as you are able to access historical order information related to publishers and/or titles. Publisher perspective: We would hope to see that this streamlines your processes, with less struggle to get permissions etc. It is our hope and belief that you will see value and time savings when using the application.

2. Question/Comment: Obtaining files from the charter publishers, associated with this project, is not usually a problem. In my experience it is much more difficult to get files from smaller publishers. If these publishers were on board, this is one place where I can see that there would likely be some beneficial streamlining on my end. ATN Perspective:We are talking with multiple publishers about the possibility of joining the AccessText Network. Much of this expansion will be driven by member feedback and requests.

3. Question/Comment: We might want to consider a first-year annual fee of less than $350 to allow people to make a minimum investment and get in there and evaluate the system and see the benefits. Perhaps we could consider starting with a lower cost, say $100, until value is recognized and we’re a proven commodity. ATN Perspective: I understand the point of making it a low introductory cost so schools can recognize the benefits and advantages before committing more money, but our challenge is to be self-supporting from the launch. The on-going operational budget is still being discussed, especially as it pertains to some of the items that up to this point have been donated in-kind (space, equipment, etc.). These discussions will continue.

4. Question/Comment: What about trying to bring on Association of American University Presses (AAUP)? ATN Perspective: As we mentioned earlier, we are in discussion about brining on additional publishers. Based on feedback and input from the various AccessText Network panels and committees, AAUP is one of the first publishing entities that we will be reaching out to in an effort to get them to join the network, as are the major trade publishers.

5. Question/Comment: With regard to its pricing model, how will AccessText Network address states, such as California and New York, with statutes requiring that no additional costs be involved in obtaining accessible files? ATN Perspective: It is envisioned that AccessText Network provides an added value beyond the actual provision of files. At CSUN Gaeir Dietrich (High Tech Training Center) and Tamara Rorie (AccessText Network) agreed to work on this together. Currently they are working on a concept paper addressing this very issue.

6. Question/Comment: To determine a subscription fee and structure which is fair and appropriate need to know more about operational costs, and what funds available. Are the publishers going to continue in partnering with AccessText Network by continued to fund the initiative going forward? ATN Perspective: Charter publishers will not be providing additional operating monies after their initial network development funding. We have considered the idea of asking additional publishers that come on board to pay a fee for their participation, but the idea has fallen flat each time it has been brought up. Need to review our annual operation al budget projection and post it to the wiki.

7.Question/Comment: In terms of implementing fees for additional publishers to participate, it seems that there AccessText Network offers an added value for publishers too. Just like the current approach is to sell the network to universities, how about selling it to publishers as well? Rick Bowes, AAP Consultant: There is no such thing as publishers, as a whole. When it comes to addressing the issue of accessible text, currently they employ widely varied strategies. Some have a structured system in place, while others don’t participate at all, so that is why you have trouble getting files from some of them. This system is a way a publisher can show they’re doing things right. It is probably not going to be a cost savings for small publishers, but I would think larger publishers would see some increased efficiencies. Ann Berlin, Development Board Chair: The situation is not so cut and dry. Large publishers, that already employ a system for addressing the issue of accessible text, have to absorb the cost of system integration using APIs. What AAP authorized was the initial investment to develop the system. It seems that it would make sense to wait 1.5 years to see where we are, and then consider what to do about additional publisher revenue. Jeff Senge, Cal State Fullerton: Now when the File Exchange process comes on line within this system that should save all AccessText Network members – publishers and DSS offices – time and money, by providing a consistent process for fulfillment, one that does not require duplication of efforts time and time again. Ann Berlin, Development Board Chair: The motivation from publishers for this whole AccessText Network initiative is to make this whole process easier on the DSS end. It does pull some work out of the Rights and Permissions groups, but it doesn’t take anything off the plate for the fulfillment side. In fact fulfillment is anticipating that due to streamlining from the order side, they may actually get more order and more work.

Christopher Lee, Director AccessText Network: Closed the topic discussion indicating that there would be further discussion of the annual fee structure, going forward. He thanked the discussion participants for their input and assured the group that he was pursuing other revenue sources as well including grants etc.

Collaboration Meetings – Christopher Lee AccessText Network is exploring a variety of opportunities for collaboration.

Collaboration Concept Papers currently available in the wiki for projects with the following:

   * RFB&D
   * AHEAD

Both are in the early stages of determining linkages and beneficial opportunities.

Other potential collaboration opportunities: 1.California Repositories– Given the volume of materials, currently in the existing repositories and the materials to be generated via AccessText, seems that there is likely some benefit to pooling and sharing files. Need to be mindful of fulfillment of fulfillment portal considerations, and ensure that collaboration not only helps AccessText, but also supports California Regional solution development directly. 2.Dolphin – Has expressed interested in participating in some way. Guest speaker? Sponsorship possibilities? NOTE: AccessText Network plans to reach out to more vendors as things firm up and progress.

CSUN Feedback – Jeff Senge The AccessText Session at CSUN was scheduled as an early AM session on a Saturday. While the session did not draw a full-house, the attending audience included a number of high-level important decision makers in attendance. Rick did a great job of, in a brief 15 minute presentation, recapping the 15 years of alternative media access developments that have brought us to AccessText as a solution today. Most of the audience question centered on two topics: Proof of Purchase – What policies will be enforced? Is it a requirement of joining AccessText to have/enforce/regulate proof of purchase locally? The gist of our answers: A Proof of Purchase Policy will be required, but the implementation of this policy will be managed locally.

Knowledge Base: AccessText Wiki – Bob Martinengo Wiki Content Review Frequently Asked Questions Newsletter Archive Advisory Committee Section

   * Guidelines
   * Agendas
   * Meeting Minutes

Wiki Tip: Locating Recent Changes

Bob instructed anyone that wants wiki access, but hasn’t yet signed up, to contact him to get assistance establishing an account.

Question/Comment: As wiki access is presently controlled, what wiki content are you willing to share exernally, as opposed to what content needs to stay internal to the AccessText Teams and Committees? ATN Perspective: Pretty much anything on the website is fine for sharing externally, with the exception of the Collaboration Concept Papers.

Training and Resources – Bob Martinengo & Joe Tedesco Available Publisher User Guide – General Process available, Application User Guide pulled off system as application is changing significantly daily, and it is now inaccurate. Will be updated and reposed when application is firmed up.

Multi-Media Training

   * Now on hold
   * Waiting to lock down publisher agreement which is driving application interface changes.
   * Once application is solidified, training development can begin.

What will DSS office go through? What will publishers experience? If there are specialized areas outside of the obvious application interaction aspects of usage that you think will require training/guidance, please communicate those to us so we can address those needs as part of our overall training plan. For example, you might indicate that you see a need for a brief multi-media educational tool about the value ad of AccessText Network, or something along those lines.

One factor for consideration for training development is to ensure that our training and support tools are accessible.

Upcoming Meetings DSS AccessText Membership Meeting – May 2009 Advisory Committee Meetings

   * AHEAD Conference – July 20-25, 2009 (In person for those in attendance, con-call or webex for those not)
   * October 15
   * December 10

Recap Meeting Action Items AccessText: Post AccessText Network Operational Budget Projection Initiate collaboration concepting with California Regional Solutions Post Meeting Minutes

Committee Members Provide feedback on desired Mulit-Media training and/or support tools to Joe Tedesco