Advisory Committee Meeting 12-08-10

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AccessText Advisory Committee Meeting

Wednesday, December 8th


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • AccessText Update
    • Directors Report (Christopher Lee)
      • Recap Previous Meetings
      • Membership Activity
      • State Initiatives (OH, KY, NY, CA, MD)
    • Member Services (Kane Stanley)
      • Training and Support
      • Membership Billing Changes
      • Conferences
      • Survey
    • Operations (Bob Martinengo)
      • Publisher Activity
      • File Exchange
      • Application Development 1.6
      • Application Development 2.0
    • Grants and Contracts (Tamara Rorie)
      • Membership Agreement Changes (Ed McCoyd)
      • STEPP Grant
  • Committee Roundtable
    • Alicia: International
    • Gaeir: Commission
    • Ed: CITF
    • Jean: AHEAD Activity
    • Tom H: CourseSmart
    • Other Member Reports
  • Committee Nominations
  • Action Items and Next Meeting


Presentation (DOC)

Additional Material

Two slides from Alicia Wise on International Accessibility Initiatives

Statement from Advisory Committee member Angella Anderson

The University of Illinois is not currently a member of AccessText primarily because of language in the Member contract we feel is problematic. The issue of reusing materials is one that we feel that we cannot abide by. If we have a book from a previous semester that can be utilized by another student, it’s not reasonable to ask that student to wait until we get permission to reuse the book. Many students change classes after the semester starts and we need to use that book immediately.

It is reasonable to ask DSS offices to request permission to reuse materials, but it’s not reasonable to ask them to wait. When we were an AccessText member, there were times when books were not released or permissions were not granted for a week or longer. This policy hampers our ability to provide service in a timely manner as we are required to do. As soon as this language is changed to be a bit more lenient we will renew with AccessText.

Angella Anderson, M.S., CRC
Disability Specialist
Supervisor, Accessible Media Office
Disability Resources and Educational Services
1207 S. Oak St. Rm 132
Champaign, IL 61820