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AccessText Advisory Meeting 2/6/13

Membership Fee

AccessText is intended to be self-sustaining based on a diversity of revenue sources, including membership fees. On July 1st we will institute a membership fee for colleges of $250 per year, to be officially announced in April. This is based on our projected operating expenses and is less than the previous membership fee.

 Questions about if this was due to a reduction in support from AAP.
 Answer is no, AccessText was initially required to seek other revenue sources.
 Discussion about how the enviroment has changed, and that publishers may want to revisit strategy.
 Resolution was that further discussion will take place.

Publisher Newsletter

  • The Accessible Publishing Newsletter's focus is on accessibility-related issues of interest to academic publishers.
  • Please send questions, comments, and suggestions to
 Questions about intent and extent of DAP project described in current issue of newsletter.
 Concerns that system does not duplicate existing standards.
 Comment from Bob that system is intended to complement existing standards and pilot project is to gather feedback.

EPUB Requests

  • Should we add EPUB to the list of formats that can be requested? Current choices are PDF, DOC, XML, RTF, TXT
 Discussion about difference between what schools can request and what publishers can provide.
 Publishers are more likley to want to sell the EPUB file than provide it as an alternate format at no charge.
 AccessText will replace XML with EPUB in drop-down list.
 Informational webinar would be helpful for members.

Providing math content

 InftyReader does not convert PDF files containing gray-scale or color images.
 Once, again, InftyReader can only process black and white images (binary images).
 Original PDF documents must contain high resolution 600 Dots per inch (DPI) scanned images in order for InftyReader to work effectively.
 Web-based PDF files often contain low resolution images (<300 DPI) in order to reduce download and load times.
 In such cases, the recognition results will be useless.

Application Updates

  • Automated fulfillment allows publishers to speed fulfillment process for stored files.
    • Jones & Bartlett and Springer currently using this feature
  • ATN 2 development and testing continues.
    • Application release scheduled for summer 2013.

DSS Activity

  • 1,755 post-secondary institutions (plus alternate media centers)

Research Titles

  • 2009: 369
  • 2010: 938
  • 2011: 1,212
  • 2012: 1,829

Publisher Activity

  • Kogan Page joined AccessText. Will go live in February.


  • 2012 Presenters
    • Dolphin
    • CommonLook
    • STEPP
    • SAM
    • Kurzweil
    • Dolphin
    • Premier
    • Bookshare
    • T-Base


  • Recent
    • Accessing Higher Ground
  • Upcoming
    • AccessText will exhibit at the AHEAD National Conference, July 2013, Baltimore, MD


  • Tripp Narup from Elsevier said he will be presenting a session at the upcoming CSUN conference in San Diego, CA