Advisory Meeting 3-21-12

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AccessText Advisory Meeting
Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Jeff Senge, Cherie Miller, Mark Turner, Julie Balassa, Tripp Narup, Michele Bruno
Bonnie Beacher, Paulette Goldweber, Cyrus Hamilton, Liz Delfs, Angie Song
Billie Sommars, Steve Acker, Rick Bowes, Ron Stewart, Nicole Chattah
Bob Martinengo, Kane Stanley, Zina Craft

Meeting Format

  • Meetings will now be a one hour phone conference, open to ATN members and guests

Action Items

From Last Meeting

New Items

  • Bob will contact George K. about DAISY production tools webinar

DSS Activity

  • 1,687 Total members, including 300 schools represented by alternate media centers
Question from Liz: Are there still many DSS offices who have not heard of AccessText?
Answer: While we have reached a good portion of higher-ed schools, its still less than 50% of the total # of higher-ed institutions
Ron commented that the turnover rate for DSS staff is around 25%, which means there are always new staff even at sschools that may have memberships

Publisher Activity

  • Sinauer Associates joined AccessText on 2/21/12
  • Membership inquiry from Penguin (referred by ATN DSS member)
  • Membership inquiry from Wolters Kluwer
  • 5,974 publisher files hosted on ATN server

Conference Report

  • Recent
    • CSUN - San Diego, CA
  • Upcoming
    • Texas-AHEAD 20th Anniversary Conference, April 12-13 in San Antonio
    • University of Illinois Chicago Digital Accessibility Expo (DAE), April 20, UIC Forum, Chicago, IL
    • AAP's Rights and Permissions Advisory Committee Conference (RPAC). New York. April 23rd.
    • AHEAD National Conference, July 9-14, New Orleans LA. Lab Session Weds. at 11:30AM
    • AHEAD Utah - TBA

Other Conferences Mentioned

Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion, and Disability Conference -
New York State Disability Services Council Spring 2012 Meeting  -

ATN/AMAC Collaboration

ATN 2.0

  • Features: PHP/MySQL platform, Faster processing of requests for custom ISBNs, Amazon Web Services for file transfer
  • DSS Development Group meetings
  • Publisher feedback sessions
Question from Rick: Have we reached out to current members regarding features for ATN?
Answer: yes, we have solicited suggestions from both groups, and we will include them in the development process.


  • 1,761 Files accepted
  • 23 Contributors
  • 91 Paid members

Accessible Textbook Finder

  • APH developing API for Louis database
  • Inkling - post on accessibility:
    • Simple API with oAuth or basic HTTP authentication
    • Enables access into our store inventory and can view/access titles as aggregate, by category, or by subcategory
    • Access to the following information and more: Title, Subtitle, Author, Publisher, Edition, ISBN-10, ISBN-13, Destination Page, Chapter Price, Complete Book Price, Available or Coming Soon
    • Documentation will be available upon launch (estimated: April 2012)
George made comment earlier about VitalSource, and we indicated they are included in the ATF

Document Accessibility Profile

  • ONIX codes
  • O'Reilly Books: Accessible EPUB 3 (free publication)


Tripp mentioned the Trusted Intermediary Global Accessible Resources (TIGAR) project ( ). We may present more information at a future meeting.
Cherie and George mentioned the DIAGRAM Center -
Julie mentioned the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF - ). The IDPF manages and promotes the EPUB standard
George mentioned InDesgin v6 is coming this summer, hopefully with improved accessible EPUB export.
Ron mentioned AHEAD still had concerns about the ATN user agreement
Rick mentioned that Mark had done accessibility metadata work that could be useful for DAP.
Nicole mentioned Open Educational Resources and also asked about the puetition.