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AccessText Network DSS Advisory Committee Meeting: Authorized User Agreement and Intake Process

Project Update – Christopher Lee

  1. Reviewed ATN progress since AHEAD 2008
  2. Highlight of Latest News
         * June 2009 – Publishers begin processing requests
         * July 2009 - Publisher and Authorized User Agreements finalized
         * July 2009 - Partnership with RFB&D Forged
  3. Challenges
         * Textbook title and imprint data – Bowker data not as accurate as would have liked. Eager to start getting ONIX feed data from each publisher.
         * Establishing consensus on membership agreements – Publisher was especially challenging, ironing this out delayed project about 2 mos. Complete now hoping to get back by July 17th so we’ll be ready to go.
  4. Expanded Services
         * Expanded Beta Phase through June 30, 2010
         * Federated Search feature approved. Not sure when to be incorporated into application, maybe the end of the year
         * Trade Publishers (not on board yet, but currently actively pursuing it)
         * Partnering with APH and RFB&D

DSS AU Agreement – Tamara Rorie

   * Agreement that will be available from the ATN website to allow people to apply for membership. You’ll be able to enter your data, click through the agreement and check off required boxes. After completing agreement/membership application, you’ll be able to print the agreement out.
   * ATN will then verify the information provided and AU will be notified of acceptance as a member and receive instructions for logging in.
   * Agreement is temporarily available on the wiki, for your review under DSS-AMC User Network. Please go there and review it and provide feedback to us on the agreement/the format (web/paperless) etc. Remember comments posted to the Authorized User Membership Agreement will be viewable to the public. If you have a comment that you would like to make off-line, feel free to send a email directly.
   * Reviewed 3 general sections of Authorized User Agreement.

Application Review and Resources - Bob Martinengo and Todd Runkle

  1. Review of the Resources available to Authorized Users on the wiki housed under the DSS-AMC User Network (Authorized Users) - Section for all information related to Authorized User functions/features/guidance within AccessText.
         * Reference Manual – written document of how Authorized Users interact with the application
         * Authorized Users Guide – PDF of step by step instructions for using the application
         * Video Tutorials – Quick video providing instructions for each Authorized User function within the application.
         * AccessText Application Demo
  2. Quick overview of the application from the DSS perspective. Reviwed:
         * Dashboard, all links and tables
         * Request Title to be Researched
         * Searching for a Title
         * On Requests: Optional Student Information fields are not viewable by the Publisher, optional fields to assist DSS offices to maintain history on students should they chose to use this feature.
         * Support Log functionality – Sending a type of email notification through the application allows you to track it, see entire thread and relate it to an specific request/title.
         * Statistical Reporting of Publisher Activity
         * Publishers have inquired about how to improve their data to make it better for users, and appear to be beginning to move on this by adding related titles, available formats, publisher file unavailable etc.
  3. Underscored the privacy of information – The way the application is currently designed a member can only see their own data, each publisher can only see their own data. Once we move to file to file exchange we will have to rethink some of this.
  4. Special Note: This session is just an overview of application/functionality, there will be detailed training for all new Authorized Users which details the application functionality and features.

Intake Process - Joe Davis

   * At this point all those who have signed up for more information are not fully vetted yet. Once we are ready to accept members, potential members will be instructed to:
        1. Submit application on the website – www. accesstext.org
        2. AccessText will verify/validate each applicant.
        3. If accepted, applicant will be notified of their acceptance.
        4. New member will attend application training.
        5. Newly trained member will receive access to the application.
   * Website was shown to indicate where/how members will register.
   * Todd demonstrated the application and membership agreement form from the development server as it has not yet been loaded to the website. Encapture protected. Demo caused a concern: Need to verify captcha accessibility.
   * Questions:
        1. The application is being done by an individual, what happens when there is a change of staff? Each institution is limited to 2 user accounts at this time, therefore the old user will need to be removed from the system, the new staff member will be required to complete an application and accept the membership agreement. Then they will be required to attend training before being given access to the system.
        2. Consideration: What about setting up Etext 1 and Etext 2 generic accounts, associated with specific email address for requesting/receiving Etext files? That way if someone leaves or is out sick can get files more quickly. Challenge – have to trust everyone at office with the information. Less control on who’s using specifically and has that individual had training.
   * Website Demonstration of Training Calendar/Support Request features for new members.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When will service be available? Been a moving target, waiting for larger publishers to get on board. New target August 15.
  2. How much will it cost? $375-$500 depending upon the services that are added in to the membership.
  3. What will the costs cover? Operational costs only. Largest of these Intuit QuickBase license.
  4. Who can sign up? Post Secondary Institutions and Alternative Media Centers
  5. When will more publishers be added? In the process of soliciting more publishers as we speak. Rick has developed a strong presentation to generate interest.
  6. What if a title isn’t in the system? Complete a Request that a Title be Researched. ATN will conduct research with the publisher and provide user feedback.
  7. Can I request a publisher file before the purchase of a book? Yes.
  8. File Formats: What’s available? System will allow us to better track what people are using. Should be great. Assuming mostly PDF based on our experience. We’ll see and give the feedback to publishers.
  9. What if I get a file that isn’t usable or has a problem? Enter a Support Log case.
 10. Can I contact the publisher directly if I have a question? Yes. You can always do that, but we would hope members would take advantage of our services in assisting with this and/or using the support features in the application.
 11. Can students request files themselves? No. Not at this time.
 12. How will I receive the files I have requested? At the method set by the publisher – ATN FTP site, Publisher FTP site.
 13. How long will it take to get a file? Can not guarantee, but will be able to look at file history to determine when it is likely to be turned around.

General Session Questions / Feedback

   * I like the communication back and forth with the publisher when a book is unavailable. It will save me a ton of time to be able to go to one thread.
   * Application is very smooth to see/track requests for books. Status definitions really help to clarify what’s going on with my orders. Will plan to use the same terminology with my student
   * Regarding consideration of Generic Users – My campus will not allow this. Need to be able to have a specific log in associate with my specific address.

Review of Action Items and Feedback - Susan Roche

Who? - What?

  1. ATN – Verify accessibility of captcha.
  2. ATN – Address issue of generic sign on (Etext 1 and Etext 2) and/or generic email addresses for receiving email/files.