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This resource is in active development as of October 2019.

EPUB 101

  • Does EPUB support page navigation?
    • There are two dependencies for page navigation to work with EPUBs. The publishers must add the appropriate page information markup, and the reading App must use that markup. Formally, EPUB 3 supports direct page navigation provided the publisher adds the proper markup. If a print version of an EPUB 3 exists, in order to conform to the EPUB Accessibility specification, the publisher must insert a page list in the navigation table of contents and the target in the chapters where the page break is located. The Reading App can then take advantage of this page list by going directly to a page in the title either from the Table of Contents or through a “Go To Page” function.For more information, see the Accessible Publishing Knowledge Base on page navigation at: http://kb.daisy.org/publishing/docs/navigation/pagelist.html