How to Use AccessText for Authorized Users

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General Advice about Requesting Files from Publishers

  • It is always best, when possible, to avoid requesting bundle or ebook ISBNs. Publishers tend to store files under the main standard textbook ISBN. So, if you always try to request that ISBN, you will likely get your file faster.
    • Strategies for determining the main standard textbook ISBN: Search for it on Amazon. Your search keywords should leave out any part of the title that mentions bundle or access code etc... Your search should include the author and the edition.

Which Request Type Should I Choose?

  • Publisher File. Choose this when you need a file. These files can be spoken out loud with the student's chosen Assistive Technology.
  • Permission to Scan. Choose this if the publisher does not have a file and you would like to chop and scan a hard copy of the book that you have.
  • Permission to Redistribute Alternative Text. Choose this if you already have a file and I would like to redistribute it to a 2nd or 3rd student.
  • Exchange. If this option is available then click on the Exchange Files tab and then click on the Exchange file to read a description of what kind of work has been done to the file to make it more accessible. If you are a member of the Exchange, you can then request the Exchange file if you want it.

Making a request.png


  • View the Request and click on the Cancel button in the top right hand corner.
  • Populate the Cancellation Reason and click save.


  • The most common scenario is that you will be presented with a request record to populate.
  • If you enter an ISBN for a book that we have identified as not being published by an AccessText member-publisher, then you will not see the request form and you will be told who the publisher is. [ Publisher Lookup] is a great website to use to find out how to request files from non ATN member-publishers.
  • If you enter an ISBN that is not in our database, you may be presented with the 'Add Title' page. Populate the required fields, click Save and then you'll be able to place a request for the title.
  • If you enter an ISBN for a publisher that we have not yet certified as being an ATN publisher, then you will see a message that lets you know ATN staff will research whether this ISBN belongs to an ATN member publisher and if it does we will let you know to proceed with your request.


  • This search box requires a minimum of 5 characters to successfully execute a search.
  • This search box is not sensitive to punctuation and articles (the, a, an, ...)


  • When a publisher sends you a message, you now have the ability to mark the message as resolved if you wish. If you mark it as resolved, it will pop out of your Messages Dashboard pane.

Resolving message dsp.png