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  • Fill out the form on our website to join as a post-secondary member.
  • Click Next
  • Read all of the Authorized User Membership Agreement on the next page
  • Click Submit
  • Once ATN staff has verified that you are eligible for membership, we will email you login credentials.


You can place requests for publisher files to any of the below publishers on ATN. Typically, you will get files faster by requesting them on ATN rather than emailing the publisher or filling out their online form. The reason publishers can fulfill your requests faster on ATN than any alternative is because they can store their files for automatic fulfillment if they so wish - and most do!

A pie charts that shows the file request fulfillment time in ATN. 95% of fulfilled requests are delivered in 3 days or less. Same day is 63%, 1 day is 23.5%, 2 days is 3.5%, 3 days is 5%, 4 days is 2%, and 5 plus days is 3%.

Note that books can have multiple ISBNs that all represent the same content. For example, a textbook may have a unique ISBN 13 for all of the following formats: the loose-leaf version of the book, the paperback, the hard cover, rental ebook, book bundled with the access code, etc.... Whenever it is possible for you to identify and request the ISBN13 that represents a printed version of the book, you will likely have more success in getting a file quickly because publishers tend to store files on a print ISBN ATN title record.


For more than thirty years, ISBNs were 10 digits long. In 2007 the ISBN system switched to a 13-digit format. Now all ISBNs are 13-digits long. A 10-digit ISBN cannot be converted to 13-digits merely by placing three digits in front of the 10-digit number. There is an algorithm that relates the isbn10 and isbn13 together which frequently results in a change of the last digit of the ISBN.

A Video on Making Requests

Which Publishers Can I Place Requests to on ATN?

  1. American Hospital Association
  2. American Occupational Therapy Association Press (AOTA Press)
  3. American Psychological Association
  4. August Learning Solutions
  5. BOMG Publishing
  6. BookLand Press
  7. CABI
  8. Career Innovations Press
  9. Cengage Learning
  10. Charles C Thomas, Publisher
  11. Cicero Books
  12. Construction Trades Press
  13. Crossroad Publishing Company
  14. Difusion SL
  15. Dunedin Academic Press
  16. ECS Publishing
  17. Elsevier
  18. Emerald Publishing
  19. F. A. Davis Company
  20. FIT Publishing
  21. Guilford Publications, Inc.
  22. Hackett Publishing Company
  23. Harvard University Press
  24. Hawkes Learning
  25. Human Kinetics, Inc.
  26. Jones & Bartlett Learning
  27. Kogan Page
  28. Labyrinth Learning
  29. Lynne Rienner Publishers
  30. Macmillan Learning
  31. McGraw-Hill
  32. Morton Publishing Company
  33. Mujo Learning Systems Inc.
  34. Nelson Education Ltd.
  35. OpenStax, Rice University
  36. Pearson Education (U.S. requests only)
  37. PlanningShop
  38. Project WET Foundation
  39. Quintessence Publishing
  40. Ramsey Education Solutions
  41. Rosetta Books
  42. Sagamore-Venture
  43. Sage Publications
  44. Sidney K. Edelman / ESP Ultrasound
  45. SLACK Incorporated
  46. Springer Nature
  47. Springer Publishing
  48. Taylor & Francis
  49. Top Hat
  50. Troy Williamson
  51. Universal Publilshers, Inc.
  52. University of Michigan Press
  53. Vista Higher Learning
  54. Wiley
  55. Wolters Kluwer Health
  56. Wolters Kluwer/Aspen Legal Education
  57. W.W. Norton

How to Place a Request

Search by ISBN

  • If the ISBN you searched for is already in our database, then you will be presented with the Request form.
    • Please note that publishers tend to store files for automatic fulfillment of your requests on the title records that are not bundle ISBNs or access cards. So, best practice for you would be to request the standard print ISBN of the title that your student needs. Please reach out to us if you have questions about this. 866-271-4968 and
  • Confirm the 'Request Type' you wish to choose (see below section for details on request types).
  • If requesting a file, choose the format requested.
  • If requesting an exchange file, choose which exchange file you would like.
  • Populate the Student ID field and press enter or click save.
  • All of the other fields are optional.

Adding a Title to ATN

  • If you search by ISBN and the title is not already in our database, then you will be presented with the 'Add Title' screen.
  • Populate all of the required fields and save. On the next page you will be able to place your request for the title.
  • If you have any troubles with this process please contact us at or 866-271-4968.

Search by Title/Author

  • If you find the book you need by searching via the title/author search box on your dashboard...
  • You will click to view the title record and then click on the "Request This Title" box in the top right corner.
  • Confirm the Request Type you wish to choose (see below section for details on request types).
  • If requesting a file, choose the format requested.
  • If requesting an exchange file, choose which exchange file you would like.
  • Populate the Student ID field and press enter or click save.
  • All of the other fields are optional.

Which Request Type Should I Choose?

  • Publisher File. Choose this when you need a file. These files can be spoken out loud with the student's chosen Assistive Technology.
  • Permission to Scan. Choose this if the publisher does not have a file and you would like to chop and scan a hard copy of the book that you have.
  • Permission to Redistribute Alternative Text. Choose this if you already have a file and I would like to redistribute it to a 2nd or 3rd student.
  • Exchange. If this option is available then click on the Exchange Files tab and then click on the Exchange file to read a description of what kind of work has been done to the file to make it more accessible. If you are a member of the Exchange, you can then request the Exchange file if you want it.

Making a request.png


  • View the Request and click on the Cancel button in the top right hand corner.
  • Populate the Cancellation Reason and click save.


  • The most common scenario is that you will be presented with a request record to populate.
  • If you enter an ISBN that is not yet in our database, you will be presented with the 'Add Title' page. Populate the required fields, click Save and then you'll be able to place a request for the title. If you find that the publisher of the title is not in the publisher drop-down, you can search for that non-ATN member publisher via our [ Publisher Lookup website].


  • This search box requires a minimum of 5 characters to successfully execute a search.
  • This search box is not sensitive to punctuation and articles (the, a, an, ...)


  • When a publisher sends you a message, you now have the ability to mark the message as resolved if you wish. If you mark it as resolved, it will pop out of your Messages Dashboard pane.

Resolving message dsp.png


  • Click on your name in the top right hand corner and choose "My User Profile"
  • You can edit your user profile to:
    • Update your name, job title, phone #, and phone extension.
    • Change the number of rows you see on any given report.
    • Specify whether you receive emails or not when you are the primary contact.
    • If you click on the Mailing List tab, you can manage your subscription to ATN's mailing list. We strongly recommend that everyone at least be subscribed to the "Important AccessText Updates."


  • Click on your name in the top right hand corner and choose "Authorized User Profile."
  • This is where you can make changes to your school's account.
  • You can edit your authorized user profile to:
    • Update your school's name, address, and website.
      • If your school's name has changed, click on Add a New Admin Message to ask us to change it.
    • Under the Users tab you can see all Users that currently have access to your account. Please notify us promptly when a user needs to be deleted by clicking on "I want to Add or Delete Users."
    • Under the Settings tab, the field labeled, "Send Request and Messages Email Notifications To," you can choose either the Primary contact to receive all the emails or you can specify that the person who made the request get all the emails for that request. Even if you populate this field with Requester, you will still have to specify who is the Primary Contact on your account in the field below.
    • Under the Billing tab, you may specify a billing contact. This is only needed if you choose to participate in the Exchange as a Paid member rather than a Contributing (25 files) member.
    • Under the Exchange Memberships tab you can see all information about the history of your membership in the Exchange.


  • Click on your name in the top right corner and then click on My User Profile.
  • Click on the Mailing List tab
  • We strongly recommend that everyone remain subscribed to at least the "Important AccessText Updates," but of course this is not required :-) !
  • If your status says pending, please contact us at for assistance.