How to Use AccessText for Publishers

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Fulfilling Requests

Which Fulfillment Method Should I Choose?

  • Stored File: If you'd like to automate the process as much as possible then you will want to store a file on the title record so that future requests for that title can be auto-fulfilled.
  • FTP: This allows you to store a file on a single request record for up to 45 days and then it is auto-deleted.
  • Publisher FTP: You provide a link to your own ftp site on the ATN request record.
  • Email: You send a separate email to the Authorized User providing them instructions for how to get the file.
  • Mail: Rarely used. Mailing the file on CD/DVD/thumb drive to the Authorized User.

Fulfilling with Stored File

  • Navigate to the title record, scroll down and click on the Stored Files tab.
  • Click on Store a File Format, select the format and click Save
  • Click on Upload a File.
  • Once the file is uploaded, click on the ISBN 13 to navigate back to the title record.
  • Click the yellow box in the top right hand corner to view previous requests for the title.
  • Click on the pending request.
  • Click on Fulfill
  • Populate the Fulfillment Method (Stored File) and the Format Delivered fields and click Save.

Fulfilling with FTP

  • Click the Fulfill button at the top right of the Request record