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Install Thorium Reader

  1. Click here to download Thorium Reader.
  2. Double click on the "Thorium.Setup.1.7.2.exe" file that you just downloaded in order to install it.
  3. Once Thorium is installed and open, click on the plus symbol at the top of the Thorium screen and choose an EPUB or PDF file to add to your Thorium Reader. Then click on the book cover of the book you just added in Thorium and that will open the entire EPUB.
  4. Explore all the icons at the top right of Thorium - there are many ways you can customize it to meet your needs.

Call ATN customer support at 866-271-4968 if you have any questions. Or email us at

If you would prefer to get the exe file from their website - here are those instructions:

  1. Click here and scroll down to the section - "Download Thorium Reader".
  2. Choose the second bullet - "The Windows version on the Github platform."
  3. If a 'Save As' dialog box pops up, then choose where you would like to save the Thorium.Setup...exe file. If no dialog box pops up, then go to your downloads folder and the file will be there.
  4. Double click on the Thorium.Setup exe file that is now saved on your computer. This will begin the simple installation process.