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==[[Accessible_Publishing_Newsletter | Accessible Publishing Newsletter]]==
*[[How to Use AccessText for Publishers|HOW TO USE ACCESSTEXT]]
**[https://youtu.be/CDZUXcdCNPY Watch this video to learn about new features for publishers in ATN 3.0]
==[[ATN_Application_Updates | ATN Application Updates ]]==
*[[Information for Publishers Considering Joining the AccessText Network|INFORMATION FOR PUBLISHERS CONSIDERING JOINING THE ACCESSTEXT NETWORK]]
==[[ATN_Focus_Group | Post-Secondary Publisher Accessibility Focus Group]]==
*[[Publisher_ONIX_Information | ONIX INFORMATION]]
==[[Media:ATN_Publishers_Market_Fact_Sheet.doc|The AccessText Network for Publishers (download Word document)]]==
*[[Publisher Membership Agreement|PUBLISHER MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT]]
==[[New_Publisher_Intake_Process | Intake Process for New Member Publishers]]==
*[[ATN_Application_Updates | ATN APPLICATION UPDATES]]
==[[Publisher_FAQ | Publisher FAQ]]==
==[[Publisher_ONIX_Information | ONIX Information]]==
'''For technical support, send an email to [mailto:techsupport@accesstext.org techsupport@accesstext.org].'''

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